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Some testimonials from Attendees at the Los Angeles Drone Command Event (July 2016):

  • Artin - Getting all of my questions answered by the one and only Drone Boss was amazing. Getting a crash course in Drones and flying in such a short amount of time is a real huge deal, Believe me. Then clearing up all the confusion from A-Z for the business, marketing, and legal side. Thanks Drone Command Live.
  • Fidel - Awesome Seminar…… Well worth my 62 mile drive to the training each day. I really enjoyed the extensive marketing strategy & the hand on Drone flying experience.
  • Agusto - The Seminar was great. Damon and Diego plus all the mentors are true experts and knowledgeable. They are always willing to help, They are amazing!
  • Manuel - Drone Command Live ROCKS! The marketing strategies they teach are Phenomenal! They taught me to fly a drone for the first time and I’m Hooked. Plus I really enjoyed flying all the different types of Drones and meeting the incredible people already running drone businesses. Can’t recommend Drone Command Live enough!
  • Alvin - The Training for Drones and business marketing separately elsewhere easily would be several thousand of dollars. The value and the training of having both in the same room is PHENOMENAL!!! Damon an Diego are amazing trainers and will provide you with ALL the tools to be successful in your Drone business.
  • Nandika - I am so happy that I got the opportunity to meet the Drone Boss. I appreciate all his advice support and help that he is giving us as a community. He is truly an inspiration. Thank you Diego for sharing all your knowledge and know how on how to start and successfully market a business with a toy. Drone Command Live, I couldn’t have wished for more.
  • Hiroshz - Drone Command Live was a great experience & I could not have asked for better instructors & Speakers. Really motivating and informative.
  • Shane - Drone Command Live was an excellent introductory course for learning strategic and tactical methods to start and run a successful drone based business. I found the most valuable part was the the marketing information and business development also the detailed instruction of the drone operation and technology. Plus actual flying of the Drones.
  • Jason - Drone Command Live is a great value! These experts are incredibly generous with their time and knowledge.
  • Karen - When I heard the Drone Command Live advertisement, I was skeptical that I would be prepared to operate a successful drone business after just 3 days. Not only was I armed with the tools to be successful, and able to operate a drone, I found the seminar to be a great value to any entrepreneur. Even if they choose not to purse the opportunities available in the Drone industry.
  • Eli - This was an amazing event that combined Knowledge and real world training from people who know the exploding Drone business. The detailed info on the FAA and the hands on flight training is what I enjoyed the most. Thank you Drone Command Live Team.
  • Daniel - Even thought I am an advance Drone Pilot. I still learned plenty from the Drone Boss, and the marketing techniques I learned from Diego I can apply to all of my businesses. I was impressed with all the content and the ability to approach Damon and Diego and carry a conversation with them about anything was my favorite part.
  • Ameer - As expected Damon did a masterful job education us about the FAA regulations. He and the very skillful flight instructors managed to provide valuable training to every participant from those fist-time operators to guys with years of experience flying drones. Lastly Diego managed to steal the show with incredible marketing knowledge. Definitely the best marketing training I’ve received at any conference, Period.
  • Olivia - Drone Command Live was an amazing event! I learned so much about launching a drone business and how to quickly become successful. The flight instructors did a fantastic job teaching me how to fly confidently. Everyone was so nice and down to earth. The learning sessions were entertaining and very informative. I am so glad I did not miss this incredible opportunity.
  • Frederic - Damon & Diego are expert speakers, motivators & extremely save in all aspect of the Drone industry. They admit this is not a get rich seminar & push you to think hard about what you really want out of this class. This Team provides all the confidence building tools to start your business immediately!
  • Ron - My business is aligned with videography and obviously seemed like a good match. It is an incredible idea originating event with networking and training included., So much more than an introductory event than I could have imagined. It was never boring and entertaining. Totally beyond my expectations.
  • Danno - Drone Command Live was an incredible experience. The knowledge and insights that were shared were beyond any expectations I had. I learned valuable strategies and methods to launch and advance my Drone business. One thing I really enjoyed was the energy and sharing factory. The crazy part is Drone Command Live gives you too many tools you can ONLY SUCCEED!
  • Michael - I was so impressed with how comprehensive the course was. Drone Command Live delivered specific and relevant and applicable information and skills both in Drone Operations and how to run a successful business. Thanks you to the team for this stealer industry leading event!
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