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San Diego, April 21st - 23rd • EVENT IS PAST

Some testimonials from Attendees at the San Diego Drone Command Event (April 2016):

  • Homer Buen: Professionalism, Camaraderie, and value. The fact that two professionals at the pinnacle of their fields took the time to educate “average Joes” if not to better their situation, but to better their lives! That means something it’s nothing short of a Godsend. Thank you Drone Command Live for a wonderful, informative, Life changing opportunity! - San Diego, CA.
  • Jacinto Tan: This seminar opened my eyes to so many opportunities that is out there that nobody or very very few people know about. It’s in in infancy and the one that gets in first would be rewarded tremendously. - San Diego, CA.
  • David Silver: More than just a drone event. An event that teaches business principles and marketing that is timely and relevant to the drone industry. Also amicable to any business endeavor. Talented staff and knowledgable instructors. - San Marcus, CA.
  • Rick Maugel: A great comprehensive program that gives you a clear path to take off in an exciting new industry. - Encinitas, CA
  • Bill Jaenicke: If you’re even in the least considering starting an aerial photography business using drones you will absolutely benefit from attending a Drone Command Live Seminar. It doesn’t get more fun and more informative than this. The three days flew by! - San Diego, CA
  • Brian Fassett: The Team made the event for me! Also really liked the history of Drones, Flying them and the networking - San Diego, CA.
  • Tony Clement: Amazing experience and content! Drone Command Live over delivers and this training is a one of a kind event. - Anaheim, CA.
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