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Some testimonials from Attendees at the Seattle Drone Command Event (August 2016):

  • Christian Sorensen - Excellent presentation. Damon and Diego are very dynamic speakers and keep people engaged throughout the training. Learning all about the different opportunities with a drone was a real eye opener. This is a Must attend event. I was surprised how much great information was put out on the marketing and setting up your drone business. Learning all the verticals and exactly how to market to them was priceless.
  • Bruce Christensen - Damon was GREAT I loved him. His background and perspective were beyond my expectations. His love for what he is doing was very evident. Diego’s training was over the top. So much value given for just the price of admission. What I loved was how much value was transmitted during the 3 days. I’ve been a business owner for 30 years and involved with direct marketing. I learned more in 3 days than in the past 30 years! I now have everything I need for a successful Drone business.
  • Paul Willms - This is the most awesome event I have every attended for the price. What I liked the most was how informative everything was!
  • Gary Loyd - What I liked best about the event was the Marketing and the formula presented to get a Drone business going.
  • Reuben Kynaston - Get over your excuses! Pay the fee, it is the best leap you will ever take!
  • Robert Welch - What I liked most about the event was how well organized, concise and friendly the event and staff were.
  • David Silver - This is the second time I have attended this event. I Liked it so much the 1st time I brought my son with me this time. Seems so much better the 2nd time.
  • Michaela Stevenson - This event gave me the confidence and skills to fly and start my own successful Drone business despite never having alone a Drone. Or starting a business before. What impressed me the most at the event was how genuinely nice and helpful everyone was.
  • Mike Mann - I liked Diego’s presentations about the marketing which changed my beliefs of effective marketing.
  • Win Maynard - What I liked the best was learning more about the Drone industry and the amazing marketing opportunities.
  • Lyman Foulkes - I was most impressed with the extensive knowledge of “Smart” Marketing
  • Kevin Bangert - What I loved the most was the extreme education in drones and marketing. The whole experience and people were great!
  • Leon Scamahorn - This 3 day event exceeded my expectations and was a great learning opportunity.
  • Jordan Montgomery - The event was great. The marketing strategies supplied alone were worth 10 times the cost. The hosts are very friendly and supportive.
  • Anonymous - I enjoyed Damon and his authentic, passionate, enthusiasm around Drones. He’s a fantastic communicator with a lot of knowledge and experience.
  • Brett Stenner - I was really uncertain about attending the event based on the marketing hype I’d seen. After the first hour on the first day I knew I made the right decision. The information was very very valuable and I feel really confident about starting my Drone business.
  • Steve O’Flaherty - This was an exciting opportunity and the first business seminar I’ve attended, where I didn’t feel like they just wanted to separate me from my money. THANK YOU!
  • Gary Wells - I really enjoyed learning about the specific Drone marketing.
  • James Goldsmith - This is the smartest investment in your personal education EVER. The marketing you learn is proven to sell your Drone services..... Heck any service. Anyone remotely interested in making money in the drone industry MUST ATTEND THIS!
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